Apply Your Own Design to Your Favorite Sneakers

Apply Your Own Design to Your Favorite Sneakers

Just Tell Us What You What

Just Following The Simple Steps

Just Following The Simple Steps

And It's All Done!

How Oversart Customization Work


Oversart is about pushing the unique and timeless craft of custom shoe making, product innovation, and design. Based on our philosophy and dedication to the craft, we don't compromise on materials or quality. The products we create are made to wear and made to last.

Each bespoke project is individually priced, and made unique to our client's specifications and needs. Prices will vary according to size, detail, style, material, etc. Complete the form below to inquire about your made-to-order request, or browse through examples of our work to spark your ideas.

 Hand made Sneakers

Step 1

Create an Account or Log in

Step 2

Click Customize Your Own to choose your sneaker model

Step 3

Choose Your Size and upload the desired picture on your sneaker.

Step 4

Place your order and leave your contact detail to us, due to potential timezone differences, our designers will reach you within 12 hours. 

Step 5

Discuss further detail and specification with our designers. We will personally work with you to design your ideal custom sneakers and make your design come to life. We partner with 60+ highly qualified artists who pride themselves on choosing quality over quantity. After you confirm your design, it will take around 2-5 days for our artist to paint your sneaker, you will receive a video of your sneaker after it is finished. You can still make subtle changes or confirm to ship your sneaker.


Print Service for Hats, T-shirts, and Hoody

Choose your product and upload your picture,  the Transparent part of the picture will show the background color of your product.


The price of made-to-order services will vary based on the complexity and details of the project.

Design services are separately priced and available for bookings for an additional fee.

Once a request has been fully submitted, received, & chosen, you will receive a detailed reply via email regarding the specifics of your shoes.

Order typically ships in 2-3 weeks, depending on your location.



100% Hand Painted

100% Hand Painted


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