Shoe Design


Q: What do you use to paint the shoe?

A: We use acrylic paints and inks. All the materials used are water proof and can withstand

the rain. Each pair is coated with a protection gloss to ensure your artwork stays. The artwork is 100% permanent and will not come off. Guaranteed.


Q: What if I want a different type of shoe than I see on the website?

A: We will customize any type of shoe with any type of design! You also find designs not listed on the site over on our instagram that we've done

for past clients. We reserve the right to use the most recent model of shoe available.



Q: How much for a custom?

A: For a personalized custom, pricing starts at $200 or more plus return shipping for the work ONLY. If you wish for us to

provide the shoe you must cover the additional cost of the shoe.



Q: Can I send in my own pair of shoes to be customized?

A: Yes with the following rule- they must be new or in new condition! I also must

know what you are sending prior tp shipping and if they show up in non new condition.Just shoot us a message to discuss the ideas for this custom

and what type of shoe you would like to send us. We will provide you with an address to ship the shoes too.


Q:Will the paint wash off?

A:No, it is a permanent bond with the shoe. Its waterproof as much as the base shoe was.  If you get caught in the rain, no worries.





Q: How long until I get my shoes?

A: The current wait time for painted shoes is around 2 - 3 weeks.  That includes ordering the shoes, getting

them shipped to us, doing the artwork and shipping them to you. We will update this page as the wait time changes.



Q: Do you guys ship internationally?

A: Yes we do!




Q: What is your return policy?

A:We strive to provide you with the best products, and are happy to replace your order for any of the following reasons: The product is flawed,the print quality is poor,the product you received is different from the product originally represented on our site. Please email us at support@oversart.com with details,We will reply as soon as possible with your inquiry, requirement, or complaints.


Q: How do I contact you?

A:If you need to contact us please email support@oversart.com